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Collectible retro flashlights – history in a new light

We are happy to greet you on our website, which is dedicated entirely to retro flashlights. This unique project allowed us to collect the most interesting, useful and rare materials referring to the theme, and also rich private collections from all over the world, in one place. If you are interested in the history of autonomous flashlights, if you want to purchase or sell a collectible or if you are just looking for information – welcome! There is not much information referring to the subject on the Net. There are specialized forums, sections in online stores, individual articles on different Internet resources. We offer a whole new level to your passion for collecting and a deeper immersion in this interesting subject.

Here you will find:

  • photos and descriptions of rare retro flashlights,
  • archival informations, books and other information on the subject,
  • materials from private collections from all over the world,
  • advertisements for sale and purchase of collectible flashlights and batteries, and much more.

Antique flashlights as a collector’s item

As soon as the man gave up night vision for another stage of evolution, the advent of a portable flashlight became inevitable. In the age of electricity using torches and candles would be naive, that’s why in the end of 19th century a go-getter by the name of Conrad Hubert initiated active development of all kinds of autonomous lighting apparatus. Actually, by that time Thomas Edison has already given the world the electrical light bulb, and Carl Gessner – the first portable battery, but it was Hubert’s enterpreneurship which didn’t let the idea of a portable light source to fade.
Private collections of antique flashlights give us the opportunity to imagine how the appearance and technologies changed in the past centuries. On the LYUMAN.COM website collections of members from Russia, USA, China and Belarus are presented (for the sake of convenience the materials are organized geographically). Among the presented exhibits are flashlights with different emblems, marks and symbols, but like in any other museum they are simply products of their time without any subtext of propaganda.
News and advertisements are regularly published on the website, and is the special section useful literature, patents, rare photographs and museum photos are collected. Come on in and you will see that we share your passion.